Doing Physical Therapy? Massage Therapy Can Improve Results!

Doing Physical Therapy? Massage Therapy Can Improve Results!

7 Reasons why this powerful combination works

Pain sucks. As a massage therapist, I would know. Almost everyone who comes to see me does so because they’re in pain! Many times, they are already seeing a physical therapist and not entirely happy with the results. What many don’t realize is that the combination of physical therapy and massage can give greater results than either modality on it’s own. 

Most of the time, my clients have such a powerful response to massage therapy they don’t need additional therapies. However, that isn’t always the case. I always look for clues that indicate I may need to refer a client to another practitioner, such as a physical therapist. 

Update September 2020: Sometimes those clues are less about what the “best” course of treatment would be. And more about finding a way to help a client make their budget work. PT is covered by insurance far more often than massage therapy is (for now). Sometimes, I think a combination of PT and massage will work as well as massage on it’s own. If so, I will often recommend a client work with a PT 1-2 times a week and with me once every 2-4 weeks.

The PT will help the client make small but steady gains. In my sessions, I’ll then focus on making bigger leaps. Assuming the PT sessions are covered by insurance, the client spends less money overall and arrives at a pain free place. It just might take a little bit longer to get there. You can find several great PT’s that we send clients to on our colleagues page!

For More Information :Massage Therapist In NYC

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